data capture

Turnkey energy data capture, universally adaptable hardware, zero data losses to wifi disruption and free troubleshooting


Turn your captured data into energy intelligence to pinpoint inefficiencies & remove the guesswork from your projects

M & V reporting

Measurement & Verification (IPMVP) tools to automate reporting and provide data-backed evidence to bolster your recommendations

carbon taxes

Future-proofing your work with Blockchain powered technology to turn your energy saving actions into immutable, carbon tax compliant, building data

Unlimited User Accounts

with varying levels of access that can be applied to each individual user, all accessible from any device, anywhere in the world

Zero Data Losses

are promised with your subscription as our experts keep an eye on your data flow to ensure there are never any disruptions or missing periods of intelligence


are crucial to getting adoption from your clients so we assist you when you first get going to immediately generate energy intelligence that you can brag about

Monthly Training

in person or online is available for your staff and stakeholders you would like to involve, maximizing the amount of saving uncovered by our tools

We provide turnkey, energy data capture and analytics services

Enabling energy professionals to offer revenue-grade accurate data analysis 

with real-time building insights straight out of the box.

Use Software as a Subscription (SaaS) energy intelligence to effortlessly stay on top of projects. Enjoy the  flexibility to universally integrate nearly any type of new or existing metering systems. Provide advanced energy intelligence for quick insights, reporting or a deeper dive.  Know what difference adjustments will make before doing them and track any single improvement action that you take. Improve credibility with competitive positioning since your competitors don't know what they don't measure. Reduce the time to close sales with the proof to back up your recommendations and improve communication with customers. Leverage the IPMVP compliant reporting tool to auto-populate your reports using captured data to showcase measurement and verification outcomes on any of your projects. Our platform automatically detects and captures any savings generated so that you can now carry out carbon tax reporting for buildings. 

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