About Megan McCarthy

From an early age Megan was dubbed Captain Planet by friends and family. She was passionate about environmental sustainability; always teaching others and thinking of ways to reduce waste and save money. She continues to do this today through her work with Edge Energy.

After completing three years of an engineering degree and spending 10 years in the energy industry in Calgary, she relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed a Bachelor of Management, majoring in Environment, Sustainability, and Society at Dalhousie University. At that time, she completed a thesis under Dr. Larry Hughes in collaboration with the electric utility in the City of Summerside, PEI. The overarching goal of the project was to use wind turbines to heat homes using Electric Thermal Storage

Units for the first time in the world. This research saw homes using 90% wind power to heat their space while saving an average of $900 annually on their heating costs and netting the utility an average of 65% extra revenue per customer. Combined with her thesis, Megan studied Master’s classes focusing on Energy Security and Energy Systems Analysis.


Megan worked towards commercializing her research which happened inadvertently when she won “Startup Weekend” in 2011. During this time she was also VP of Entrepreneurship for the inaugural year of Enactus Dalhousie and became the Student Director of the Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship which led to her becoming a mentor for many young entrepreneurs across Atlantic Canada. She also earned an academic scholarship that allowed her to study business and renewable energy in China during the summer of 2011. She was also pivotal in running the startup house, Volta Labs, during its inaugural year in 2013. All of her hard work earned her Student Entrepreneur of the Year at Dalhousie in 2013 and kicked off another 8 years in energy data related research and startups in our region. Her last clean-tech startup before Edge Energy, called powerWHYS, was acquired in 2018 where she secured $1 million in sales with this new company’s MVP during her year there as Chief Business Development Officer. 


Her love of decentralized technology and its ability to empower those in any economic situation led her to discover the importance of Bitcoin and the Blockchain through research and deploying cryptocurrency miners with a fellow resident at Volta Labs, who would become her business partner in Bitlantic Inc. in 2015. Together they consulted on Bitcoin and Blockchain integrations for companies around the world. Knowing what powerful technology this would be, she wanted to bring this knowledge to her community as well so she founded the Dalhousie Cryptocurrency Club in 2014 where she was successful in installing only the second Bitcoin ATM on a campus in the world at Dalhousie University through Bitlantic Inc. Since 2014 she has served as the Regional Director of Eastern Canada for the Blockchain Education Network, the world’s largest network of universities and Ivy League schools with Blockchain and Crypto clubs. In 2016 she studied toward becoming a Certified Earthship Builder in New Mexico.


She is a Board member for Circularity Forum, bringing sustainability professionals together to network and create change in their communities. She also serves on the Board for the Sustainable Growth Society, a group building highly energy efficient rental units in rural NS.


As President and Co-Founder of Edge Energy Management, she is merging her two passions of energy data and Blockchain technology to create a solution to verify energy data for carbon credits in addition to providing turnkey energy intelligence services and energy data training.

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